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If anyone cares to follow me still, I made a new blog due to ghost noting. It’s virtually identical as this one.

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 She's Back -Japanese ver.    (cr.Yesasia)


 She's Back -Japanese ver.    (cr.Yesasia)

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Ghost noting fuck.

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© GXXXISH. do not remove logo.


© GXXXISH. do not remove logo.

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[New Release] BoA “The Shadow”

The track features her signature mid-tempo synth pop sounds and some experiments with her vocals as she gives a low, guttural spoken-rap delivery. The MV is sexy and BoA shows off her wonderful dancing prowess.

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愛你的心無限大: Are you an Inspirit?


People are arguing over whether you are an “Inspirit” if you don’t like all the members of Infinite (almost inevitably meaning all of Infinite minus Sungjong, Sungyeol or both of them), and whether you are an “Inspirit” just for liking their music.

My answer to both is no. Personal opinion,…

Most of the time I think people just call themselves “Inspirit” or some other fandom name because they think it’s cute. They want their fan names and fan colors etc. They want all the privileges but none of the commitment.

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It's Hysterie: What is an "Inspirit"?


Here’s a comment from Infinite’s hotel Google chat video:

“LOL. So if for you guys an INSPIRIT is someone who like all the members, the I guess I shouldn’t call myself an INSPIRIT? I only like 6 of them.”

Well, nobody can deprive people of their right to label…